Student Housing Update — Amenities Still King?

Student Housing Update — Amenities Still King?


Amenities: More Over-the-Top Than Ever

Attempts to one-up other management companies to gain new student tenants have reached new heights, says the Wall Street Journal. Landlords are now partnering with corporations like Uber, Best Buy and bike-sharing service Zagster to offer promotions and discounts to students living in their buildings.

Good or bad approach? Some management companies love the way this helps them compete at a low cost, while others are skeptical of interfering with students’ consumer relationships. Where is this all going? Find out here.


NREI amenities

Photo: Al Payne of A.F. Payne Photographic Inc.

Should We Scale Back?

National Real Estate Investor interviewed several student housing owners to analyze trends. While most say student housing is gaining value and becoming a more mainstream asset, Campus Apartments CEO David J. Adelman notes that high-level amenities often increase construction costs and only appeal to high-income students. Find out more here.

Now is the time to buy and/or sell

chi_VP_Alley1_VP1With rent rolls in place and students moving in, now is the time to look at buying or selling student housing properties, says Triad Real Estate Partners’ Ryan Tobias in Globe Street. Triad just bought 4,500 beds and he’s anticipating that 2015 will be the biggest year ever for student housing. Read more here.