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COVID-19: Online Grocery Sees Growth

May 2020

As COVID-19 deals a harsh blow to many industries, there are also some, such as the online grocery sector, that are seeing a silver lining. The acceleration of ecommerce during the pandemic has been a boon to online grocery shopping, as well as sales of apparel, and electronics. 

According to the recent Adobe Digital Economy Index (DEI), which tracks the state of ecommerce, online shopping has become the main source of commerce during the pandemic. Consumer brands have shifted strategies to focus on giving consumers quick and easy delivery of products, including those in the apparel and electronics segments. Click here for more.

The index found that online shopping and store pickup orders surged more than 200% year-over-year in April as consumers looked to gather goods while limiting exposure to the pandemic. 

Also, the index showed that ecommerce sales jumped nearly 50% between early March, when state shutdowns occurred, and the end of April. Among the gains were in curbside pickup and e-grocery. Daily online grocery sales increased by a whopping 110%, with electronic sales jumping 58%. Instacart, an online grocery delivery service, saw its first profit and sales of $700 million worth of groceries in the first two week so April, according to The Information. This shows the power of online grocery shopping and the industrial sector’s ability to meet consumer needs during the pandemic. 

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